Richest People in New Zealand

Richest People in New Zealand

Richest People in New Zealand

The Growth of New Zealand’s wealth has shot up in the past decade. A report by Credit Suisse showed that the currency movements have favored in the growth of the economy of the country. Here is the list of the richest people of New Zealand.

1. Graeme Hart - $9 Billion


Graeme Hart is a business magnate in New Zealand. His journey started from a house in the log to a beautiful villa in white. Hart is called an undercover billionaire because of his modesty and likeness to maintain a low profile. Graeme owns houses in Auckland and Waiheke Island in New Zealand. He also owns a 58m luxury motor yacht which is a huge tourist attraction.

2. Richard Chandler - $4 Billion


Chandler is a businessman of New Zealand. He has a reputation of buying companies trying to survive and then rebuilding them. He owns a 80% stake in Hoan My Medical Corporation.

3. Todd Family - $3.16 Billion


The Todd family owns the Todd Corporation in New Zealand. The Todd Family has interests in extraction and refining of petroleum products. Todd’s have also worked with assembling of wide range of cars, and light and heavy commercial vehicles.

4. Erceg Family - $1.6 Billion


The Erceg family owns the liquor business in New Zealand. His company makes ready-to-drink beverages such as Vodka Cruiser and Woodstock Bourbon. This was sold after his death to private equity interests. The specialty of the Independent liquor is it takes only six weeks to be prepared. No wonder people prefer it.

5. Michael Friedlander - $1.4 Billion


The richness of Michael Friedlander comes from the huge investments in Ponsonby and Grey Lynn to Remuera, Parnell, Mt Eden and Onehunga. He started a budding career almost 50 years ago and since then there was no going back. This family is also known for their philanthropic activities.

6. Christopher Chandler - $1.3 Billion


7. Goodman Family - $1.2 Billion


8. Stephen Jennings - $980 Million


9. Sir Douglas Myers - $930 Million


10. Sir Michael Fay - $870 Million