Richest People in Norway

Richest People in Norway

Richest People in Norway

Ever wondered how wealthy can people living in one of the wealthiest country can be? Norway is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. A lifestyle of a Norwegian is the example of how rich the country is.

The people of Norway believe in living life in a large way. Here is  the list of the richest people living in Norway.

1. John Fredriksen (Shipping) - $10 billion

john fredriksen

He is the owner of the world’s largest oil tanker field. He also holds an interest in fish farming, deep sea supply. He made a fortune during the Iran-Iraq wars. He has more than 70 tankers in the fleet which is the world’s largest fleet.

2. Olav Thon (Real Estate) - $6 billion

olav thon

Olav Thon is a Real Estate developer. Thon started his promising career with a restaurant and climbed the ladder of success with now owning a large chain of restaurants and 450 properties to his name.

3. Odd Reitan (Grocery Sales) - $5 Billion

odd reitan

Odd Reitan is the owner of the well-known Reitan Group. His grocery store REMA 1000’s success can be determined by the fact that it is present in every village of Norway.

4. Stein Erik Hagen (Retail) - $4.7 billion

stein erik hagen

Stein Erik Hagen is a Norwegian businessman and owns major large stakes in Steen & Strøm. HE is the founder of RIMI discount store change which he sold later to Norway ICA. He is reported to own the biggest sailboats in Europe.

5. Johan H Andresen Jr (Tobacco) - $3.2 billion

johan h andresen jr

6. Johan Johannson (Grocery Wholesale) - $3.1 billion

johan johannson

7. Andreas Halvorsen (Hedge Fund) - $2.8 billion

andreas halvorsen

8. Arne Wilhelmsen (Royal Caribbean) - $2.4 billion

arne wilhelmsen

9. Kjell Inge Rokke (Shipping/Seafood) - $1.9 billion

kjell inge rokke

10. Petter Stordalen (Hotels) - $1. 5 billion

petter stordalen