Richest Basketball Players

Richest Basketball Players

Richest Basketball Players

Professional athletes are not only admired for their stamina and body but also for the huge money they make. They earn money not only through tournaments but also through brand endorsements. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, beverage companies and many more are enthusiastic to attach the name of the brand to these players.

Basketball is one such game where the players not only earn on-court but also off-court. Even after retirement, the charm of these basketball players has not been lost. Here is the list of all the basket players who made it big during their time.

1. Michael Jordan – $1 Billion


Well there is no hidden news that Michael Jordan tops the list of being the richest basketball player. He is the most famous basketball player ever in the history of basketball. Along with being a player he even is a businessman who owns a basketball team.

2. Magic Johnson – $500 Million


Magic Johnson is another player who is regarded with high respect and admired for the way he plays. The name “Magic” tagged along with Johnson since he was 15. Johnson has won many championships. Including this he also has campaigned for HIV/AIDS awareness.

3. Shaquille O’Neal – $350 Million


Shaquille retired from basketball several years ago yet remains to be one of the richest basketball players. He earns the huge income through endorsements. He has appeared in many advertisements and also starred in a movie.

4. Kobe Bryant – $260 Million


Kobe Bryant comes from a family of basketball players. He has a unique nickname called “The Black Mamba.” He is 35 but doesn’t seem to be behind in playing basketball. Well it’s in his genes afterall.