Top Most Eccentric Billionaires

Top Most Eccentric Billionaires

Top Most Eccentric Billionaires

The world is filled with the rich, the elite. These billiolaires are of all kinds. It is often intriguing to know how they lead their life with enormous riches that they possess.

Here is how some of the billionaires use their money to become interesting and sometimes to achieve their eccentric dreams. Also, the below personalities are deemed interesting for their unique traits:

1. Peter Thiel


He is co-founder and owner of PayPal and has stakes in Facebook. He works for betterment of society through his foundation Thiel Foundation but has his interests in human immorality, artificial intelligence, building floating cities etc. These should be ongoing as he believes that they are needed for the perpetuation of the human race.

2. Ingvar Kamprad


Ingvar is the owner of Ikea and yet lives like a commoner and sometimes makes news for the way he lives in a frugal manner. Unlike typical billionaires, he drives a 20-year old car and picks up free sauce, salt and pepper sachets. His house has furniture from Ikea, but he waits for sales around Christmas and Boxing Day to pick his supplies.

3. Clive Palmer


Clive is the owner of Mineralogy and one of the biggest suppliers of coal to China. He comes up with eccentric ideas, such as that of cloning a dinosaur, accusing Greenpeace of trying to destroy Australian mining industry in conjunction with the CIA and the most recent being his wish and desire to get a ship made that is an exact replica of the legendary Titanic.

4. Jocelyn Wildenstein


This Swiss personality was married to Alec Wildenstein before she decided to go ballistic and spend millions on plastic surgery that seemingly did more harm than good, making her look like a crazy cat!

5. Mark Zuckerberg


The owner of Facebook decided that he would only eat meat if he wanted to kill himself, which meant he was headed the vegetarian way. Later, he went on to post on FB that he killed a pig and goat, but was soon back to buying his meat as usual.

6. Howard Hughes


Hughes was the heir to an oil drilling company. He managed to crash his plane in Beverley hills, then he went on to produce many successful movies, but came to be known as the playboy after being linked with actresses. His weird way of living without bathing for months and peeing in bottles was a disturbing revelation for many.

7. Robert Klark Graham


Graham is the founder of shatter-proof glass, but later he decided to start a sperm bank that flaunted sperms of Nobel laureates. His idea went berserk as all the Nobel winners were usually older people with low sperm count. He planned on creating a master race using these sperms.

8. Karl Rabeder


This multimillionaire decided to part with his 3 million pound fortune since he was not feeling happy even though he was now rich. He is going to give away his fortune and move to a simple house and relax in the mountains.

9. Graham Pendrill


The millionaire returned from his trip to Kenya after becoming a member of the local tribe of Masai. He participated in their local rituals for initiation and now he lives like them and moves around in their local clothes as he goes about work as usual.