10 Colleges with the Most Fortune 500 CEO Graduates in 2016

10 Colleges with the Most Fortune 500 CEO Graduates in 2016

10 Colleges with the Most Fortune 500 CEO Graduates in 2016

In a quest to soar high in the sky, the younger generation tries to follow the footpaths of already established personalities. The one search that never fades is the search for the best colleges around the globe which have famous people as alumni.

Higher learning institutions attract students based on the successful CEOs who emerge every year from them. In this year too there has been an extensive search for the top colleges which have produced the best CEOs. To help all the students out there who are eager to pursue higher studies, here is a list of ten colleges with the most Fortune 500 CEO graduates in 2016:

1. Harvard University

harvard university

Harvard University is a top ranking and a well known university in the world for higher education. In 2016 alone, it produced 25 Fortune 500 CEOs.

2. Stanford University

stanford university

Stanford University is situated near Silicon Valley. It’s the best business school that produced 11 Fortune 500 CEOs in 2016.

3. University of Pennsylvania

university of pennsylvania

The university of Pennsylvania is the Ivy League School for aspirants of MBA. It’s the best university for future executives. In 2016, almost 8 CEOs stepped into the Fortune 500.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

massachusetts institute of technology

MIT is the best university for people who aspire to earn a degree in information technology, computer science, and other related fields. MIT produced 7 Fortune 500 CEOs in 2016.

5. Cornell University

cornell university

Cornell University produced around 6 CEOs of Fortune 500 in 2016. The university offers MBA programs for one year and two years. It also offers programs for students who are interested in the technology sector.

6. University of Chicago

university of chicago

The university of Chicago offers great opportunities for MBA programs through full-time enrollment, standard MBA, evening and weekend programs, and Summer Business Scholar’s program. It produced 6 Fortune 500 CEOs in 2016.

7. Northwestern University

northwestern university

Northwestern University is a step ahead in offering doctoral program and Master of Science in Management studies along with standard and executive MBA programs. It produced 6 Fortune 500 CEOs.

8. Columbia University, New York

columbia university, new york

Columbia University, located in the city of New York, is one of the best business schools after Harvard and Southern Methodist. It gave 6 Fortune 500 CEOs in 2016 to the world.

9. Yale University

yale university

Yale University offers many programs to its aspirants. Along with the standard MBA program, Executive MBA program, and full-time MBA program, it offers Master of Advanced Management Degree. Students here can also enroll for Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program. Yale University produced 6 Fortune 500 CEOs in 2016.

10. Southern Methodist University

southern methodist university

Ranked one of the top ten business schools, Southern Methodist University produced 4 Fortune 500 CEOs in 2016.