Planet Earth is doomed! It is so very callous of the world leaders, who have failed miserably to act and do anything to save the future of the children of the world. It has become evident that the Generation Z’s future will be facing catastrophic nature’s wrath towards doomsday. Greta Thunberg, if you are reading this piece, I wish to tell you – the world leaders will not act to save our planet at any cost, even when the Earth will be doomed.

The ‘Greed’, the ‘Power’ and the ‘Corrupt Intent’ is more important for the world leaders and the rich 1%, who care a damn for the 99% of the world inhabitants. After all, they are all living a lavish, comfortable and secured life in their crystal towers. It is the 99%, who are facing the nature’s wrath each day of their existence. How callous and inhumane we humans have become that we care a damn about our children’s future.

The recently concluded COP25 in Madrid has shown that the rich countries are not at all bothered about tackling the existential threat of Climate Crisis. Let the poor and the innocents die or perish in flash floods, earthquake, hurricanes, wildfires and famine, who cares! These rich countries will not even wake up from their deep slumber, when their own house will be in catastrophic fire and sink their kingdom of wealth and riches into ashes.

These Climate Change Summits are held just to divert the attention of the world and to make big claims to blame each other. The rich countries will blame the poor countries and vice-versa without really agreeing on cutting the greenhouse emission to save Planet Earth, where they are also living. One by one, cities are sinking, forests are being burned, cities are without drinking water and the poor are moving from one place to another to survive from nature’s catastrophic wrath.

Greta Thunberg you have really done a great job to raise global awareness about the Climate Crisis! I really adore and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart for inspiring billions around the world. However, remember one thing, awareness will not save our Earth until and unless the world leaders ACT, ACT NOW! You have to face the reality – they are simply not bothered about the existential threat of Climate Crisis because for them, ‘Power & Corruption’ are existential to remain in power to rule over the world.

Yes, the future of your generation is in grave danger and it is only your generation alone, I repeat once again – IT IS ONLY YOUR GENERATION ALONE, who will be able to save the Planet Earth. Please don’t depend and have false hope whatsoever to believe these corrupt leaders of the world. The road ahead for your generation is to replace these world leaders with Generation Z political leaders, who would act expeditiously to save the Earth.


I know, this is a very tall order and a long process, but this is the only scenario how the Generation Z can save your own future. Greta Thunberg, you have been made the ‘Biggest Brand’ of Climate Crisis by global leaders and the mainstream media, so these corrupt leaders could divert the attention of the world towards your actions and what you say and not their unwillingness of their actions to act expeditiously. Please do not take it otherwise, think seriously and logically to understand what I am saying.

Remember the UN speech you gave, when you said – “How dare you?” Your speech was splashed all over the mainstream media for the world to watch you in awe and inspiration. The politicians-owned-media houses were very successful to divert the world’s attention towards GRETA THUNBERG and her emotional outbursts and not how the World Leaders have failed to reach the consensus to act immediately to save the world at the UN Climate Summit.


In the month of November 2019, various countries around the world faced nature’s wrath to kill thousands of people and displacing them with nothing but devastating experiences to lose everything they had to live a struggling lives along with their husbands, wives, children, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, babies and what not. Flash floods, landslides, forest fires, devastating storms, brutal plunging temperatures, cyclones, earthquake and drought killed thousands.


USA, UK, France, Italy, Australia, Austria, South Sudan, Kenya, DR Congo, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Albania, South Africa and many other nations faced the above-mentioned catastrophic nature’s wrath. It is really amazing that the high frequency of natural disaster has become the new normal for these corrupt world leaders, who are blatantly refusing to acknowledge scientific reports on Climate Crisis. Such is the magnitude of their callousness towards the planet they are all living in.

The ‘Top 5 Reasons’ why the world leaders will not act expeditiously to save the Planet Earth are as follows:


Greed has led the world towards its own doomsday! Did the world leaders really cared when the American Scientist Charles Keeling began monitoring CO2 levels way back in 1958? The answer is a BIG NO! Charles Keeling first alerted the world to the possibility of anthropogenic contribution to the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ and Global Warming almost 61 years ago. In the last 61 years, the ‘Greed’ of the world leaders and the 1% rich has pushed the world towards the ‘Point of No Return’.


The world leaders never bothered then and their attitude has not changed even one bit in the last six plus decades. Greta Thunberg your generation can well imagine the dangers of Climate Crisis and how the ‘Greed’ preceded over saving Planet Earth! The ‘Greed’ will continue as it had continued way back in 1958. The slow pace of every nation’s government to curb carbon emissions is directly proportional to the ‘Greed’ of the world leaders.


Power corrupts in spite of various Heads of the States are languishing in prison and are being convicted around the world. Power is highly contaminated, infectious in nature and the great source of addiction that has given birth to corruption. World leaders are breaking every law of the land to govern their citizen with their power and have given rise to corruption since time immemorial.


‘Greed’, ‘Power’ and ‘Corruption’ are all interlinked with the world leaders. Saving Planet Earth does not benefit the most powerful world leaders’ self interest. The US President Donald Trump instead of leading the world to save Planet Earth withdrew from the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change on the 1st of June 2017. The Republicans and Trump have blatantly disregarded the scientific facts about Climate Crisis. Trump’s callous act has emboldened nations like Australia, Brazil, China and others to side with him.


At the recent COP25 in Madrid, it became evident that the world leaders have no interest, intention or the will to act immediately to save Planet Earth. The powerful countries are more interested to wage wars to kill millions of innocents and poor rather than act expeditiously to tackle the rising carbon emissions. Saving Planet Earth means spending more and accumulating less wealth for the rich and the powerful nations’ leaders.


The United States of America, Brazil, China, Australia and Saudi Arabia have strongly resisted for bolder action at the COP25 in Madrid. Representatives of these nations have no interest whatsoever to tackle the rising temperature of 1.5 degrees Celsius to satiate their own greed. Increasing catastrophic forests fires in the US, Brazil and Australia have also not opened the eyes of Trump, Bolsonaro and Morrison. Undaunted deadly flash floods in the US, China and Saudi Arabia doesn’t really mean a thing for Trump, Xi and MBS.


The human civilization has evolved over the last 6000 plus years due to scientific discoveries and inventions. However, the present lot of world leaders has shown callous and dictatorial approach to dismiss scientific facts to satiate their ethereal egos. For these world leaders, Climate Crisis is a hoax and misrepresentation of scientific facts in spite of all the catastrophic destruction by nature, which are occurring at an alarming rate around the world.


Massive Ice Sheets in Greenland, towering Glaciers in West Antarctic and Earth's enormous masses of ice are melting at a faster rate to increase the sea levels around the world. Jakarta – the Capital city of Indonesia is being shifted because it is sinking at a faster pace. Island nations like Tuvalu, the Maldives and the Marshall Islands will disappear sooner than expected. When will the world leaders wake up from their deep slumber to act now? Chances are NEVER!

1% Vs 99%

The 1% rich of the world has accumulated more than half of the world’s total wealth. The growing inequality has created all the chaos in the world. It is high time for the 1% to come forward to tackle the Climate Crisis with all the money they possess to save Planet Earth for a better future of Generation Z.


Will they come forward to save their own future? When the 99% will not be there, how will the 1% survive on their ivory towers in Planet Earth?


Greta Thunberg I really admire you and all the Generation Z for generating awareness to increase pressure for immediate action from the global leaders. Awareness will not save Planet Earth, but IMMEDIATE ACTIONS will. However, the System run by the world leaders and the 1% rich will never act expeditiously, because of the briefly explained above-mentioned topics.


You have seen, how the Climate Crisis issue disappears from the mainstream media headlines and coverage, because the 1% and the Heads of the States control all the news cycle around the world. I wish all the very best to your Generation Z to find ‘The Concrete Step’ to safeguard the future of the doomsday.