Qatar AirwaysSuccessStory

Qatar Airways SuccessStory

Qatar Airways

Since its inception in 1992, there is one particular airline that has risen to stand at pinnacle of the commercial aviation industry. Qatar Airways’ rise to success from a relative unknown to a global influence is nothing short of inspirational.

Qatar started its journey as a domestic carrier with only a few routes. In 1997, the company re-launched with all intentions to expand, which was the Emir, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani’s intention. It was his wish to turn Qatar Airways into a true international presence.

qatar airways ceo akbar al baker

Mr. Akbar Al Baker was handed the responsibly to turn the airline around in 1996. It was under his leadership that Qatar grew, gently and methodically building its own way to the top. In no time, Qatar was one of the most preferred airlines in Central Asia and was moving towards being just as popular everywhere else.

It is hard to imagine that now, but Qatar started out with a small fleet of only four airlines. In only a little under two decades, Qatar had expanded its fleet to include 147 airplanes actively flying.

Operating out of its hub at Qatar’s capital Doha, the company has installed an efficient system of management that has led to a record of no more than one minor accident in its lifetime. The fleet in itself is one of the youngest fleet in the airline industry at the moment. The average aircraft age is four years, which is remarkable and only adds to the efficiency and appeal of this airline.

From being a regional carrier to an international heavy-weight, Qatar now connects to all six inhabited contents. It started out with establishing regular routes in Central Asia, South-East Asia and some parts of Europe. Slowly, as the company grew, it expanded.

qatar airways headquarters in doha

It started regular flights to the Far East, covering China and Japan and then added Latin America. By 2011, it was able to turn its focus to Europe, launching flights to 15 destinations on the continent.

Since then, it has been steadily expanding to include all major destinations in Africa, Australia and in the Americas. It now covers 146 destinations world-wide. 

Qatar’s meteoric rise hasn’t gone unacknowledged. The world hasn’t been blind to the steady efficiency and discipline of this airliner.

In 2011, around 18 million travellers across the globe voted and declared Qatar the Airline of the Year. This was just fourteen years after its launch and it received the same commendation in the following year, proving to be a favourite.

qatar airways cargo

Noting its success, American airlines invited Qatar to join its Oneworld frequent flier alliance, which includes big names like British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Qantas, expanding the company’s influence and network considerably.

Qatar Airways has now set the benchmark when it comes to standards, mode of operation and the skill of the staff and remains a much admired airline.


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