US BankSuccessStory

US Bank SuccessStory

US Bank

US Bank is a Minneapolis based financial services provider, serving as the parent company for US Bank National Association. It is the 5th largest commercial banking service in the US, and is worth $419 billion of assets. The bank is operational in 25 states through its 3164 banking offices and 5020 ATMs.

It offers a comprehensive range of brokerage, banking, investment, insurance, trust, payment and mortgage services to consumers, institutions and businesses. Established in the 1990s, it has become a trusted name among people or businesses looking for high-end banking services.

Founding of the US Bank

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The founding of US Bank started in the 1990s through acquisitions of many major regional banks of the Midwest and the West. Since 1988, it has merged or acquired more than 50 banks, out of which many were mergers of smaller banks themselves. The present US Bank that you see has gone through several acquisitions and name changes.

Services Offered

US Bank offers all-inclusive banking and financial services not only to individual consumers, but also to businesses of different sizes, financial institutions and municipalities, in addition to no-profit organizations and government entities. They offer consumer banking services to small businesses and individual consumers, encompassing small business banking, metropolitan banking, community banking, mortgage banking, student banking, consumer lending, workplace banking, investment products, financial planning, brokerage and insurance services.

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Their wholesale banking line of business incorporates services like lending, treasury management and depository to large corporations, public sector clients and middle market sections. They also offer high-end merchant processing and payment solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide. Their wealth management and securities services include services for individuals, businesses, municipalities and institutions for building, managing, preserving and protecting wealth, in addition to providing custody, obligation and delivery services.

US Bank has been enlisted in the Fortune 500 list of companies in 2010. US Banker Magazine ranked its team of women leaders as the foremost banking team. In 2009, Institutional Investor magazine ranked it ‘America’s Most Shareholder Friendly’ company in the financial institutions category. The US Bank’s Flexperks has been ranked as the best to receive travel benefits in the US. It is also considered to be the best bank for retail banking in the country. Its customer satisfaction level has been ranked at number one too in the banking industry.

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The banking and financial services offered by the US Bank can be accessed on a global level. In addition to the United States, including California, Montana, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arizona etc., the bank also has operations in Europe and Canada. With its financial products and services, US Bank has helped many individuals and businesses build and save their wealth, and find a financial solution to their monetary requirements.

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