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A Brief Profile

Longines is a Switzerland-based watch making company, renowned for its luxury watches in the market. This brand has enjoyed a privileged position among watch lovers, for more than two centuries. Aviator watches of Longines have worldwide popularity. An hourglass with wings is the logo of the brand and it is oldest registered logo of a watchmaker. This Swiss watchmaker has its headquarters at Saint-Imier, Switzerland.



Till date, Longines has produced more than thirty million watches in its factory. Longines does not confine to being a mere watchmaker. Through the recent years, it has developed a relationship with sports fraternity. In the Athens Olympics of 1896, Longines showcased its special love for sports and other adventure endeavors. For fourteen times, Longines was the official timekeeper of Olympic Games since 1952. Longines has been supplying watches to International Aeronautics Federation since 1919, for it was able to develop watches for pilots. Equipment developed by Longines helped explorers to record their flights. Charles Lindbergh’s one manned crossing of Atlantic was recorded by the brand. Many famous sports venues had Longines analog clocks to determine time. Photogines developed by the brand are used to determine the winner in sprint events. It also brought into sports circle several other devices to make games fair.


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Auguste Agassiz, in 1832, founded a watchmaking establishment in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Along with other watchmakers in Switzerland, they manufactured and sold pocket watches. The Longines factory was inaugurated in 1867 at Saint-Imier, with the launch of 20A. This watch has won an award in Universal Exhibition held at Paris. The mechanized production of Longines watches began in 1876 and this marked the beginning of a new phase in the history of Longines.

In 1878, it brought out a 20H calibre with a new chronograph movement, first of its kind from Longines for accurate timing. Very soon, Longines started exporting its new products to the USA, where it had a huge demand among sportspeople. Longines assisted the Arctic expedition team of 1899. Longines developed wrist watches in 1913 and also developed navigational devices for aviation needs. The most illuminating pages of its history were written in 1936 when Longines came out with its fabulous Calibre 13ZN wrist watch with a semi-instantaneous counter for 30 minutes or a 60 minute counter.

It was in 1954, the brand developed its quartz clock. Digital watches came from the company by 1972. Its timepiece, Cleopatra has won several awards for its design. In 1983, Longines becomes the part of Swatch group. The company embraced the slogan, ‘Elegance is an attitude’ in 1999. Longines is the partner of International Equestrian Federation since 2013. Longines Positioning System was introduced by the brand for horse races, which was a radical step in the race to determine accuracy.

Unique Features

Longines, according to WIPO, is the oldest brand name, in its list and the only name that still remains unaltered. Ten times it has won Grand Prix. The very first watchmaker to design electronic wrist watches with cybernetic quartz is Longines. The brand has a museum which tells its history, at Saint-Imier.

Social Service

“Longines Women Who Make a Difference?”, is a program by the brand to equip woman in societies. The company also partners with Stefanie Graf, a supporter of Children for Tomorrow.


 Longines is a privileged watchmaker and their products best. This winged hourglass logo brand never compromises on its standards. The services offered by the company are also like its products: top in quality.

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