Cheetah MobileSuccessStory

Cheetah Mobile SuccessStory

Cheetah Mobile

Cheetah Mobile Inc. is a China based mobile Internet service provider, offering high-end value-based services to around 400 million users every month. It is best known for applications like Clean Master, Battery Doctor, Duba Antivirus and CM Security, dedicated to give an easier, quicker and safer mobile operating experience to their users. Their Clean Master is one of the most renowned mobile apps on Google Play, aiming at providing better battery life, higher performance and safer browsing experience to those who download this application.

Cheetah Mobile’s Popularity

In the year 2010, Conew Image and Kingsoft Security joined hands to make Kingsoft Internet Software. Later, they changed its name to Cheetah Mobile, which featured Internet genes of Conew and more than 15 years of experience of Kingsoft in the field of security technology buildup. At present, Cheetah Mobile has become one of the most renowned mobile application developers across the globe, and one of the topmost mobile security businesses in the country. Till date, more than 860 million users have downloaded Cheetah Mobile applications across the world, and they have more than 340 million monthly active subscribers, 65% situated out of China.

Extensive Product Range

The core products of Cheetah Mobile cover three different platforms, which are iOS, Android and Windows. Their primary products include Battery Doctor, Clean Master, PhotoGrid, CM Security, CM Browser, Cheetah Browser, Duba Antivirus and many more. The users of Cheetah Mobile download their selected apps on their PC or mobile device, and enhance their system performance and security. The Cheetah Mobile applications offer real-time protection to the devices against varying security threats.

Clean Master is a privacy protection tool that boosts your device’s memory and cleans any junk files from it. Battery Doctor is designed to optimize power and increase battery life of the device. CM Browser is a light-weight mobile Internet browser, while Cheetah Browser is an enhanced web browser for both PCs and mobile devices. CM Launcher is a useful tool that offers protection, acceleration and organization based on user’s personal mobile operating behavior. PhotoGrid is one of the best photo collage building applications with a number of templates, tools and features. Duba Antivirus is an advanced Internet security app for both mobile devices and PCs.

Cheetah Mobile runs, which is an online resource to provide enhanced experience to its users in terms of online gaming, online shopping, video viewing, traveling and gathering local information. With its mobile applications and PC game centers, Cheetah Mobile has launched more than 800 games till date. Their games include action games, sports games, adventure games, children’s games, puzzle games, first person shooting games etc.

Cheetah Mobile has its principal executive office in Beijing, China. Other than that, they have several other development and research centers, including locations in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou and Zhuhai. Their customer base is spread over different parts of the world, and their product range offers ultimate operating experience to the users.

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