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Tony Hsieh is one of those people on earth who have proved that with dedication and passion greatsuccess can be achieved. Born on December 12, 1973 to parents from Taiwan, Hsieh grew up in the typical American suburbs of Illinois. Extremely intelligent at studies from the very beginning, he went on to graduate from the prestigious Harvard University in Computer Science.Tony worked hard constantly and took to delivering pizzas to provide for pocket money while completing his course at Harvard.

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    "Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you"

    Here are a few inspiring quotes from Tony.Today, Tony is a multi-millionaire and is best known for being the founder of Zappos, an online-based clothing and shoes store. He also co- founded LinkExchange -, an internet advertising network, which was purchased by Microsoft Corp. for a whopping 265 million USD.Tony has received many awards, including the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of The Year Award”in the year 2007. Hsieh currently resides in Las Vegas and serves Zappos as its CEO.

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