Health Quotes

Health Quotes

Health is one of the greatest resources a man can have. One should make efforts to keep himself in good health as it is difficult to enjoy life with a failing health. The old adage “health is wealth” is always right. Riddance from ill habits and adoption of good ones is fundamental to a safe and happy health. In fact, according to great men, health is the most important asset that a man can have.

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  • 1. Our Health Relies

    our health relies
    "Our health relies entirely on the vitality of our fellow species on Earth"
    -Harrison Ford

    2. Treasure The Love

    Treasure the love you receive
    "Treasure The Love You Receive Above All It Will Survive Long After Your Good Health Has Vanished"
    -Og Mandino

    3. Food Is Not

    food is not
    "Food Is Not A Means Towards Resolution It Can' t Cure Heratbreak Or Solve Untenable Dilemmas"
    -Kate Christensen

    4. Good and Bad

    Happiness is nothing more
    "Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory"
    - Albert Schweitzer

    5. Health is Better than Wealth

    "Being free from illness is better than Richness"

    6. Life is Beautiful

    Jim Carrey
    "Iam very Serious about no alcohol, no drug. Life is too Beautiful"
    -Jim Carrey