Knowledge Quotes

Knowledge can be defined as the familiarity or awareness gained through experience of a situation or fact. It could mean a practical or a theoretical understanding of something and it’s always a delight to be in the company of a knowledgeable person. Knowledge is a direct result of learning and it nourishes our cognitive resources making us more intelligent, interesting and wise. Acquisition of knowledge involves perplex cognitive processes: such as perception, followed by communication & reasoning.

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  • 1. The Gift Of Fantasy

    the gift
    "The Gift Of Fantasy Has Meant More To Me Than My Talent For Absorbing Positive Knowledge"

    2. Life

    Life is about
    "Life is about strategy nottragedy. Make the best one."

    3. Work

    "Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty."

    4. About Life

    When you make a decision
    "When you make a decision to forgive it's a decision that you have to make intellectually."

    5. Logical

    Being logical
    "Being logical gave me a reason to doubt"

    6. Knowledge

    Knowledge is
    "Knowledge is provided but only to those who need to know"

    7. Know Yourself

    Say what you doin
    "Say what you doin and not what you finna do"

    8. age of knowledge

    Coming age is the age of knowledge
    "Coming age is the age of knowledge. However rich, poor or powerful a country be, if they want to move ahead, only knowledge can lead them to that path."

    9. Manifestation

    No form, no manifestation
    "No form, no manifestation of knowledge, is senseless."

    10. Strength

    The 21st century is the
    "The 21st century is the century of knowledge. Knowledge, science and education will have the power and strength to embrace the entire universe."

    A browse through inspirational quotes knowledge will help you to grasp the true meaning of knowledge and its significance in our life. The inspirational quotes knowledge urge us to be in the constant search of knowledge, on anything, from anywhere possible. Knowledge is the ultimate power & acts as the basis of any informed decision.

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