Quotes by the Indian Grand-Master Viswanathan Anand

Quotes by the Indian Grand-Master Viswanathan Anand

Born on 11 December 1969, Vishwanathan Anand is an Indian chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion and is popularly known as “Vishy”. His achievements and title makes him one of the most popular chess players of all time. Anand has inspired a country of billions to take interest in sports. He is one of nine players in history to pass 2800 Elo on the FIDE rating list. He occupied the number one position for 21 months, the 6th longest on record.

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  • 1. Knowledge

    In chess, knowledge is a
    "In chess, knowledge is a very transient thing. It changes so fast that even a single mouse-slip sometimes changes the evaluation"

    2. Over Confident

    There is always the risk
    "There is always the risk of being over-confident when you are preparing to face a weaker player."

    3. Win

    A win is a win, which is
    "A win is a win, which is about that particular moment."

    4. Never Suggest

    I would never suggest
    "I would never suggest to anyone that they drop school for chess. First of all even if you can make it in chess, your social skills need to be developed there."

    5. Confidence

    Confidence is very
    "Confidence is very important – even pretending to be confident. If you make a mistake but do not let your opponent see what you are thinking then he may overlook the mistake."

    6. Closed Door

    For every door the
    "For every door the computers have closed they have opened a new one"

    7. No Excuse

    Everyone has their
    "Everyone has their nemesis. For me it was clearly Kasparov. I don’t think I want to make excuses for that."

    8. Revenge

    If Revenge Motivates
    "If revenge motivates you, go for it! But the main thing is to set your game in order."