Carrie Underwood Quotes

Carrie Marie Underwood, more popularly known amongst fans as Carrie Underwood is an American actress, singer and songwriter. It was on her winning of the fourth season of the popular reality show American Idol that Carrie rose to fame. Throughout her career, Underwood has broken and set numerous records. Carrie is a hardworking and sincere singer who is a believer in God and destiny. Carrie is an independent woman who encourages her fans and followers to find and figure out love.

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    "Every day is a new day, and you will never be able to find happiness if you dont move on."

    She also urges her fans to not get demotivated by tough and challenging circumstances in life and to keep in mind that something good always comes out of the deepest and toughest challenges in life. Carrie believes that the best and quickest way to achieve success is to follow your dreams sincerely and with the utmost dedication. Carrie Underwood has won a few Grammy awards for her work and has also been recognized as the female vocalist of her generation by Rolling Stone.



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