Jacob Rothschild Success Story

Jacob Rothschild Success Story

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild


Jacob Rothschild also known as the 4th Baron Rothschild is a British investment banker. He is also a member of the well known Rothschild banking family. He had also taken interest in corporations such as oil. Jacob is known for his charitable nature in the society.

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Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild was born in the year 1936 in United Kingdom. His father was Victor Rothschild, 4rd Baron Rothschild and his mother was Barbara Judith Rothschild. They are Jewish by nature. He first completed his studies from Eton College and later on gained a first class in history from Christ Church, Oxford.

Early Career

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Jacob Rothschild With Martin Luther

As a part of the royal Rothschild and the eldest son in the family, Jacob started working in N M Rothschild and Sons from the year 1963. He resigned in 1980 due to disruptive family disputes but held his shares in the Rothschild Investment Trust listed in London Stock Exchange.


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After moving out from the family business Jacob went on o establish Rothschild Assurance Group. He then later on went on to join hands with Sir James Goldsmith and Kerry Packer in an unsuccessful bid for British American Tobacco.

Jacob also is a chairman for RIT Capital Partner plc, one of the largest investments Trust under the London Stock Exchange. He is also chairman of Rothschild Capital Management, a subsidiary of RIT Capital. He is also the forefather of Xander Real Estate in India.

He is in the advisory board of the Blackstone Group. Until 2008, he was Chairman of BskyB Television and director of RHJ International.

Career Highlights

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He is Honorary President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. He had an amazing successful career even after he moved out of his family banking business. His capital ventures and investments like RIT Capitals have been a mark of pride in his career.

Personal Life

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Jacob is married to Serena Mary Dunn and together the couple has four children, three daughters and one son.

Jacob Rothschild has a net worth of 5 billion US Dollars. He is a philanthropist and was a chairman of National Heritage Fund. He has been trusty and patron of various charities in different nations. He has also donated for different kinds of research work. He had been contributing with an open heart to the society and also made a shining and eminent mark in the business world for himself.


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Jacob Rothschild has been awarded and honored at different nations of the world. He has wn a lonf list of awards and recognition. The most notable ones are Apollo Personality of the Year Award, Mont Blanc Award in Great Britain. In Israel he was awarded Sir Winston Churchill Award, The Weizmann Award and Honorary degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

National flag medal- Albenia and Eurpoe Nostra Medal of Honor in Brussels was honored to him in Europe. He received the Arthur Ross Award, The Iris Foundation Award and The J. Paul Getty Medal among a few from United States. There was more recognition to add to his glory.


Gennadius Library Trustees Annual
Mont Blanc, The Sir Winston Churchill
The Iris Foundation
Arthur Ross
The Hadrian

Jacob Rothschild Speaks about de-population

Full Name :
Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild
Born :
29th-Apr -1936
Birth Place :
Education :
Christ Church Oxford,
Eton College Windsor
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 5 Billion

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