Famous People Born in 1936

Astrology establishes a close link between the character and personality of a person and the year of his birth. According to the Chinese astrology, 1936 is the year of the rat and all the people born in this year exhibit the characteristic traits of this animal. Typically, the rat personalities are the most hard working and industrious characters of the entire zodiac. They are born as perfectionists and are always after their ambitions, which can sometimes make them tough to work with. In fact, they can be satisfied with nothing less than perfect.Here are some famous people born in the year 1936:

Most of the people born in 1936 make great deal of financial success because of their industrious efforts. They make good providers for the family because of this reason, and also because of their loving and loyal nature. They have the inborn quality of honesty and would never betray others. Their energy levels are extremely high and they are also blessed with exceptional organizational skills. You would seldom see such a person in an idle state.

People with 1935 as the birth year can sometimes be seen as opportunists, as they would never let a chance of success and achievement, go in vain. Instead, they know how to enlist the help of others to accomplish their goals. This makes them successful in political as well as business fields. They are good at making stories as well as indulging in gossips at social events, because of their chatty nature.