Caterina Fake Success Story

Caterina Fake Success Story

Caterina Fake


Caterina Fake is a business woman and entrepreneur of American origin. She is the co-founder of Flickr and Hunch. The 45-year old Caterina has blazed a business trail, creating a niche for herself as an inventor and investor. Fake co-founded the website 'Hunch'.


Caterina Fake was born in 1969/70 in Pittsbugh, Pennsyvania. Her father is an American and mother is a Filipina. Fake studied from Choate Rosemary Hall. She went to Smith College. Fake has a degree in B.A. in English from Vassar College.

Early Career


Caterina Fake embarked upon her career as Chief Designer, Organic Line, a leading web development agency. She was involved in developing websites of McDonalds, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Levi's and Nike. Caterina was a member of 'Interval Research's' Research Staff. Fake was Art Director, She was instrumental in creating online community, personal publishing and social software. Fake joined Netscapes in 1997.


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Caterina Fake in a joint venture with Stewart Butterfield and Jason Classon established Ludicorp in 2002 in Vancouver. They developed a product, 'Flickr', a website for sharing photographs. It was a hit with and was bought by Yahoo in 2005. Fake joined Yahoo, spearheading the Technology Development Group. Fake partnered with businessman, Chris Dixon and launched the website, 'Hunch' in 2009. Two years down the line, the website was taken over by eBay. Fake established the company, 'Findery'. The Company has its headquarters in San Fransisco.

Fake became a board member of Creative Commons in 2008. She is the Chairman of Etsy's board and has invested in the venture. Fake is the founder collaborator of 'Founder Collective', a venture capitl fund.

Personal Life

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Fake married her Flickr partner, Stewart Butterfield. They have a daughter. The couple got divorced in 2007. Fake is involved with Jaiku, co-founder of Jyri Engestrom. The couple is blessed with three children. Fake resides in San Fransisco, Caifornia and New York City. She loves reading poetry and listening to classical music. Her favourite poets are Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens.


Caterina Fake was accorded an Honorary Doctorate from the Rhode Island School of Design. Fake featured in Business Week's list of 'Best Leaders of 2005'. She was mentioned in 'eGang' of Forbes, 'Fast 50' of Fast Company and '20 Entrepreneurs under 35' of Red Herrings. Fake found a mention in the list of 'the world's 100 most influential people' of Time Magazine. She was rated among the 'Time 100'.

Caterina Fake on Findery

Full Name :
Caterina Fake
Born :
1st-Jan -1969
Birth Place :
Education :
Smith College Massachusetts,
Choate Rosemary Hall Connecticut,
Vassar College New York
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 9.6 Million

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