Famous People Born in 1969

Chinese astrology studies people and their personalities on the basis of their birth dates and the year of birth is seen as the major parameter in this regard. Each year is related with an animal and the people born in this year have the characteristics of that particular animal. 1969 is the year of the rooster and people whose birth year is 1969 are talented, hard working and courageous in nature. Here are some famous people born in the year 1969:

They are capable of great success because of their observation powers and resourceful attitude, while they make popular figures because of their outspoken and amusing behavior. Such people possess an immense self confidence and grab attention with their attractive appearance, something they ensure all the time.

People born in the year 1969 are socially popular and are always the center of attraction at social gatherings. On the other hand, they sometimes become vain and obsessed with seeking attention all the time. In this respect, these people tend to be extremely boastful and can speak a little too much about their achievements. They enjoy good health and take enjoyment in physical activities like swimming and hiking.

From career point of view, people born in the year 1969 do well in jobs involving interaction with others, such as those of journalists, teachers, restaurant owners, security guards, public relations officers and sales persons. On the relationships fronts, these people make good friends as they always stand true to their words. However, their boastful nature can make others uncomfortable at times.