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Infratil is an infrastructure investment company that dallies in a number of businesses. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, the company is owns a public transport business, a number of airports as well as electric generators. It is also involved in retailing electricity and natural gas. The transport services of the company operate in both New Zealand and Australia.


infratil founder lloyd morrison

Founded in the year 1994 by Lloyd Morrison, a merchant banker of Wellington, Infratil went on to be the first company in the world whose infrastructure funds were listed in the New Zealand Exchange. The company also made a small scale investment in another firm known as Trustpower. It bought 66% shares in the Wellington Airport and ventured into owning and handling an airport. With a large number of investments and operations, the company has gone on to show an average return of 18% every year, ever since its establishment. The administration and management of Infratil Limited is controlled by Lloyd Morrison’s company, H.R.L Morrison & Co.


marko bogoievski

Infratil expanded its business and explored newer horizons by investing in various business segments. This includes Energy, Transport, Social Infrastructure and Property. The company began by investing a small stake in Trustpower and went on to increase this to a 50.59% stake over the years. It also owned 50% of Z Energy. However, in 2010 when a sale and purchase of the company was executed in order to acquire Shell New Zealand’s retail and marketing business, Infratil lost some of its share. Presently it owns 20% of Z Energy. In 2013, Infratil acquired 19.9% shares in Metlife with the help of New Zealand Exchange. The company purchased 66% shares of Wellington Airport in 1998 and ventured into the transport business. It continues to handle the operations and management of the airport. The company also had a few stakes in Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Manston Airport and Lubeck Airport. However, it sold its shares of Glasgow Prestwick to the government of Scotland in 2013. It also sold its share in Manston Airport to Ann Gloag in 2013. The shares of Lubeck Airport were transferred to the City of Lubeck in the year 2009. In 2005, Infratil bought a bus transport business called NZ Bus from a company named Stagecoach. It also owns Snapper Services Limited through its subsidiary business named Swift Transportation. The company also owns a property business called Infratil Infrastructure Property.


 In the year 2007, Infratil Limited was named Company of the Year by Deloitte Management Magazine.


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