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Thomas John Watson Sr. was the Chairperson and CEO of the International Business Machines. (IBM) As a child, he used to work on the family farm and while growing up, started doing odd jobs to earn money. When Thomas joined NCR, his career began to build up and that was his first step towards success. Being talented, he was hired by Charles Ranlett Flint for Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) as a General Manager. Thus,he moved ahead towards success and nothing stopped this man from becoming one of the richestof his time.

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    Some amazing quotes from Thomas John Watson Sr.When Thomas was made the President of CTR, he changed the name of the company to IBM and with his talent made IBM a successful name in the world. He is looked up to by people from all age groups and his life can only be summed up as a true motivation for people all around.

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