Quotes About Politics

Politics is a practice that is exercised universally, cutting across time and border. It can be defined as the theory and process of influencing others, mostly to ensure organized control over a community, especially a state. Though, many view politics as a dirty word given the reports of corruption and injustice yet politics is something really crucial to maintain order in society. It’s politics that helps to determine the administration and governance of a community

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  • 1. Honesty and Integrity

    I think it is better
    "I think it is better when people with their own businesses and means of income join politics as there is some degree of honesty and integrity"

    2. Politics

    We have to find the inter
    "We have to find the intermediate ways and means of restoring a degree of stability to our politics and more than a degree of safety to our citizens"

    3. Time

    It s time to make
    "It's time to make our government work for all of us... and not just the 1%"

    4. Common Welfare

    "If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost."

    5. Dont Test India's Patience

    Pakistan better not to.jpg
    "pakistan better not to test the limits of india's patience "

    There are funny politics quotes with a sarcastic take on the corruption and unfair means prevailing in politics. On the other hand, there are wise quotes that talk about the importance of politics in a community and why people should involve themselves in politics. Some quotes are even on different political parties.

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