Humor Quotes

Humor Quotes

Humor is very important to lead a happy and cheerful life. It keeps your laughter alive even in the most testing phases and renders you the needed relief when you are too exhausted fighting the battle of life. In fact, humor is the remedy to many problems. No matter how rich a person is, he is the poorest of all if he does not know how to find humor. Humor is something which is always refreshing.

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  • 1. Humanity

    Humanity is never
    "Humanity is never so beautiful as when praying for forgiveness, or else forgiving another"
    -Jean Paul

    2. Bit of Medicine

    "Entertainment has to come hand in hand with a little bit of medicine."
    -David Fincher

    3. Self Confidence

    "Self confidence is very important. But without compassion and humility, it's just arrogance"