Guy Kawasaki Quotes

Originally known for being an Apple employee who was responsible for marketing the infamous Macintosh, Guy Kawasaki is a marketing executive from Silicon Valley. Guy’s has excellent educational qualifications. He acquired his bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Ivy League, Stanford University and went on to get an MBA from UCLA. Guy was famous for having evangelized the 1-/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint. Guy is also an active blogger and has thousands of page views on a daily basis.

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    "Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard"


    His blog is called ‘How to Change the World’ and has lots of car reviews, details about his family and personal life and other information. Besides this, Guy is also active on several other social networking websites like Google+ and LinkedIn. Guy is extremely famous for his quotes. His sayings and adages have a profound impact on marketing executives across Silicon Valley and even across the globe. Guy is a hardworking man who is sincerely dedicated to his work.

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