Tom Persson Story

Tom Persson Story

Tom Persson

Tom Persson is a Swedish businessman and billionaire. Tom’s major source of wealth comes from Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), the fashion company of which he is an heir. According to Forbes, Tom is the 603rd richest billionaire in the world and the 15th richest man in Sweden. His estimated net worth is US$ 2.7 billion.


Not too much is known about Tom’s childhood. However we do know that he is the son of Pamela Collett and Stefan Persson. Tom’s grandfather Erling Persson was the founder of the famous H&M.

Early Career

Tom completed his education from London. He has graduated from Met Film School. Currently Tom works in the film industry.


After completing his graduation from London’s Met Film School, Tom went on to pursue his career in the film industry. He is currently working in movie production in Sweden. Besides this, Tom is also one of the heirs of the famous H&M. His grandfather Erling Persson founded H&M in the year 1947.

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H&M is a multinational retail clothing company of Sweden origin. The company is well known for its fashion clothing for women, men, children and teenagers. H&M currently has over 3500 stores across 57 countries. H&M has also directly and indirectly employed over 132,000 people.

In the year 1947, on the street of Västerås, Sweden H&M’s first ever store was opened. Though Tom is not actively involved in the family business, his father (Stefan Persson) and brother (Karl-Johan) are Chairman and CEO of H&M respectively. Tom’s father is currently the richest man in Sweden. H&M is currently the world’s second largest retailer and has over 6 decades of success added to its portfolio.

Career Highlights

Tom completed his graduation in London from the famous Met Film School. After completing his education, Tom went on to pursue his career in the film industry; He currently lives in Sweden and works in movie production. Besides this, Tom is also one of the heirs of H&M.

Personal Life


Not too much is known about Tom’s current personal life. However we do know he is the son of the richest man in Sweden, Stefan Persson. His mother is Pamela Collett. Tom has 2 siblings, one brother, Karl-Johan and one sister Charlotte Söderström. Tom is around 30 years of age. He is single and resides in Sweden. He was born in Sweden and continues to hold a Swedish citizenship.

Awards / Achievements

Tom has won no awards.