Famous People Born in 1986

The Chinese astrological system has a unique way of analyzing people and their personalities. In this system, each year is related with an animal and all those who are born in that year are believed to possess the personality traits similar to that animal. The year 1986 is seen as the year of the tiger and people whose birth falls in this year are brave and full of self confidence. Here are some famous people born in the year 1986:

They have a charismatic personality which makes them center of attraction for others. At the same time, they can be authoritative and high handed in their thoughts and actions. They express themselves boldly and love to work in competitive environment.

The people born in 1986 possess good leadership skills and have the caliber to stand up in all situations, even if they are not prepared in advance for tough times. They seldom back out on what they say and make up their minds about. They take pleasure in being challenged and put in their best efforts to overcome each and every one of the challenges they take up. These people do well in careers which involve leadership, such as those of managers, actors, writers, pilots, travel agents and musicians.

In relationships, the 1986 born people want to play a dominating role and do not take much pleasure in romance. They do not possess very good communication skills, which is the reason why they do not mingle much in social circles and have a close group of friends. On the negative side, these individuals can sometimes be irritable and impetuous.