Famous People Born in 1949

The Chinese zodiac defines 1949 as the year of the ox and all the people born in this year have the personality traits of this animal. Those born in 1949 come across as self assured individuals, with the ability of boosting confidence in others too. They possess thoughtfulness and patience and think well before they speak. This quality of being measured in their speech makes them clear in concise in their conversation. Also, these people make a powerful combination of physical strength and mental capability, which makes them formidable and successful in undertaking and completing all the tasks they begin with.Here are some famous people born in the year 1949:

People born in the year 1949 possess a good memory and are able to remember and retain events of distant past. They have the patience and resilience to carry on work for long, long time, when others engaged in the tasks are tempted to back out. They have inborn leadership qualities and are excellent at jobs performed with hands, which makes them successful in careers in the fields of medicine, armed forces, construction and business.

On the negative side, people born in 1949 can be extremely stubborn and hard to convince. Their tempers can become very fierce when others oppose them, which is the reason it is advisable not to cross their paths. They can be extremely dogmatic in attitude, although they seem easy going at the front. They always think black and white and there are seldom grey areas for them.