Famous People From Canada

Canada is a large place, with the home to a diverse population. There are about 35 million people in Canada, be it young, old, Indians, westerns and the demographics keep on growing. Though it may be difficult to make a general statement about this diverse race but similar characteristics and beliefs do exist among the people in this part of the globe.

Regardless of their personal or social status, the Canadians are quiet casual in their approach towards life. No doubts to the fact that they dress professionally to work, but outside their workplace, their attire is casual. Examples would be track pants or a casual pair of jeans with tops. On personal as well as professional level the interactions are quite informal. Their public behavior is something that needs to be admired. You will never come across a Canadian splitting on the road. The people are courteous, and they know how to behave in public. Even the ice hockey games in this part of the world are peaceful.

There are many scientists, politicians, philanthropists, and industrialists from this country who have got worldwide popularity. Some of the leading personality from this country are Glenn Ford, Justin Bieber, Joh Ireland and Bryan Adams. Glenn Ford was a famous Hollywood actor who has the unique accreditation for playing a certain unusual role in various circumstances. Justin Bieber is a well-known Canada-born singer as well as a copywriter. He is a singer who has got many fans all around the world at very young age. He is also in limelight for his skills, music, and style.

In terms of culinary habits, they prefer to dine early. So do not be surprised if a Canadian invites you to dinner between5 to 6. They also like to have food like toddlers. Food is available everywhere and according to most of them, smacking has long-term benefits associated with it including weight control. The Canadians value a lot of personal space and do not like if too much physical contact is initiated. A warm hug or a handshake is more than enough.