Famous People From Australia

Situated in the Southern hemisphere, Australia is the smallest continent in the world. It is a vast country with three time zones and a number of attractive sports. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations for global tourists from all over the world. Canberra is the capital of Australia, and some other major cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc. life is so good for the expatriate population that the life expectancy of 79 years is one of the highest in the world.

It is one of the countries of the world where the population comprises expats from all across the world. The main language is English, and the presence of a mix of nationalities makes it a culturally diverse place. Though Christianity is the main religion that is followed by people, other religions like Buddhism or Islam are also practiced here.

This beautiful country has a number of personalities who contributed exceptionally in various fields such as technology, sports, literature, politics, and economics. One cannot forget the contribution of Sir Donald Bradman from this country in the world of cricket.

Sir Donald Bradman‘s cricketing average of 99 is something which still stands today in the world of cricket. The many of the milestones set by him are still intact and people remember him for his excellence in cricket as well as sportsman spirit.

The cuisine of Australia brings an aura of creativity and Australia has its own wine production that is liked by expats from all across the world. Their wines are well respected, and people worldwide have a strong liking for it. It is one of the few countries that follows left-hand driving which is a welcome change from the British model. People who are new to Australia are permitted to drive for three months, but later they need to explain the Australian driving test. Speed restrictions are there in all the major zones of the country, and the speed limit is 110 km per hour.