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3rd October 2018: The archaic meaning of the word ‘Success’ is ‘the good or bad outcome of an undertaking’, while as a noun, it is generally described as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’. In the case of the alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court’s Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the word ‘success’ has become ‘the’ political connotation of the Republicans Judiciary Committee members, 11 in particular, along with the accused Judge.

Accusations, Threats, Lies, Hatred, Anger, Denials, Obstruction of Justice, Political Agenda, Incompetency of U. S Judicial System and Republicans’ members, Cover-ups, Arrogance, and Partisan had and have become the order of the day in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s life and a congressional hearing. Almost 36 years ago, 15-year-young Christine Ford was sexually assaulted by 17-year-young Brett Kavanaugh and his school friend Mark Judge. The alleged heinous act by the then inebriated boys has traumatized and impacted her life immensely.

The traumatic experience haunting continued to aggravate her fear and anxiety, even more, when Dr. Ford read Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the Supreme Court Nominee. She feared to anticipate the outcome of what the future would hold for numerous Americans, if he was confirmed as the Supreme Court Justice, based on what she had experienced 36 years ago.


Dr. Ford decided to tell her personal experience of sexual assault by the Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh 36 years ago for the world to know, what the future would hold, if he was confirmed for the Highest Court for life. In front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, she relived her past experience. She requested the Senate for a full FBI investigation to validate her alleged sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh, which was denied by the Republicans. She disclosed to the Committee that it was her civic duty as a true American citizen to inform the Senate of the Supreme Court Nominee’s true character and credibility.

The Republicans Judiciary Committee members were forced to accommodate her hearing, when the news became public in the media. At the hearing, her heart rendering experience moved every single person, who was watching the testimony on television live, including the Republicans Committee members. Even the President found her to be a ‘very credible witness’.

The Democrats Judiciary Committee members were also concerned about Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Highest Court for life. Right from the beginning, since his name was announced by President Trump, it was evident the Republicans had sinister plot in this highly critical and controversial nomination drama. Dr. Ford stood in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee with everything against her to stop Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Dr. Ford’s bravery to put herself for country’s future by revealing Kavanaugh’s true nature, which forced hundreds of women from all over America to come forward and share their own sexual assault experiences in various platforms. The word ‘success’ in Dr. Ford’s case has indeed a different connotation, unlike other success stories. Her heart rendering testimonials has touched chords with many women, who have been sexually assaulted during their childhood, teenage or growing up years.


Dr. Ford’s case has raised a serious question about, how sexually assaulted women are being treated by the Republican Judiciary Committee members in America. In 1991 Anita Hill accused U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, her supervisor at the United States Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, of sexual harassment. Clarence Thomas went onto become the Supreme Court Justice, because of the corrupt political system during Bush Senior’s regime.

However, Anita Hill’s bravery to come forward against the powerful judge became a proponent for women’s rights and feminism in the American political arena. Clarence Thomas went onto becoming the Supreme Court Justice, in spite of lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The case of Dr. Ford is very similar to the Anita Hill case. The Republicans Judiciary Committee members are making sure Kavanaugh is elevated to the Supreme Court, in spite of blatantly lying time and again under oath and showing a belligerent attitude towards Democrats Judiciary Committee members.

Just like Anita Hill, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s brave efforts to come forward for the world to judge her traumatic experience has ignited ‘the’ spark among American women. The overwhelming support for Dr. Ford by hundreds of women, young and old, from all across America has seen many protesting on the streets, Senators’ offices and colleges. In all likelihood, the spark will become fierce for women power in coming months and years.


Kavanaugh may ultimately be elevated as Supreme Court Justice with Trump’s strong support. However, the backlash by women power will surely take down the dubious intention of the Republicans in the November midterm elections. This whole nomination drama unfolded in front of the world, has shown how corrupt politicians will crush citizen’s right and not care a damn for their evil agendas.

Dr. Ford has shown immense courage and bravery to reveal how she was sexually assaulted by drunken Kavanaugh. She has revealed the true nature of the Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, who has shown a pattern of his arrogance, disrespectful nature for women and lying consistently. Many of Kavanaugh’s classmates from Georgetown Prep and Yale have come forward to corroborate his heavy drinking sessions.

Stories about Kavanaugh and his friends bar brawl police record and his 1982-83 letter has been unearthed by the NewYork Times. While FBI investigation is undergoing as per Republicans’ guidelines, Kavanaugh’s nomination has become an ego tussle for the Republicans Judiciary Committee. How the Senate Judiciary Committee would vote in coming days is certainly confusing to predict. However, Republicans are hell-bent to see the nomination being voted on the Senate floor.

Post her testimonial hearing, Dr. Ford has not been contacted by the FBI, in spite of being the first person to accuse Kavanaugh of the sexual assault. Her lawyers have made multiple attempts to reach out to FBI. They have failed to get any response from the FBI, who is investigating the case. FBI has even ignored Kavanaugh’s Yale friends, who have come forward to share important information regarding him.

Whatever the outcome will be, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will go down in the American History, just like Anita Hill. She is being hailed for her heroic stance to take on Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh by putting self in front of the train. Women and men all over America have come forward to support her credible story. They all are demanding Kavanaugh should not be elevated as Supreme Court Justice.

Dr Ford’s sacrifice to narrate her sexual assault encounter will certainly not go in vain. She has exposed the corrupt political system of America for the whole world to judge, how the Republicans have behaved with her and American citizen. As a brave American citizen, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s name will be etched in American History Books for standing against the self-believed mighty Republicans for her Rights, Self-respect and Injustice to women.


Dr. Ford’s success has seen American women uprising in this #MeToo Movement era. Truth will ultimately emerge to vindicate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. At the recently held Noble Prize in Literature Ceremony, the unprecedented postponement saw the 72-year-old French photographer Jean-Claude Arnault sentenced to two years in prison for rape, dated back to 2011.

As many as 18 women had accused Arnault of sexual misconduct between 1996 and 2017. In June 2018, charges were finally filed against Arnault relating to two separate incidents involving the same woman in October 2011. The Swedish Court found him guilty and sent him to jail. Kavanaugh’s future seems very similar to Arnault’s. The #MeToo Movement recently witnessed the powerful Bill Cosby sentenced for 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual misconduct. Even Soccer Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been sued over an alleged rape in Las Vegas hotel room.

‘What goes around, comes around’ as Kavanaugh stated in his opening statement. Dr. Ford’s alleged sexual accusation will ultimately unearth the truth about Kavanaugh’s dubious reality.

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