Famous People Born in England

Talking about England is an awesome feeling because name any, it is famous for that. It is a country which has many people who are famous in different fields like Science and technology, business and art. Stephen Hawking is a familiar name to the majority of people across the globe. He is perhaps the greatest scientist living on this planet at present. He is a famous physicist, the cosmologist who has received the presidential medal of freedom. He is the Research Director at the center of theological Cosmology.

In the field of art also, England has efficient people like Naomi Watts who came into the spotlight because of her roles in King Kong, Birdman, etc. She started acting first in Australian dramas and television series before entering the cinema field. She has also acted in a box office hit movie The Ring. She has used the affection of her fans to improve the awareness of the dreadful disease AIDS.

Another girl of fame, who is born in London is Haywell Atwell. She is an American English actress who set the world on fire by acting in films like Cassanda's Dream, The dutchess etc. She has been nominated for her roles in various movies like The Dutchess, The pillars of the earth, Agent carter, and Captain America: the first Avenger.

When we read the success story of Philip Green it appears that his contribution to the country's economy is vital or inevitable for the nation's development.He is a successful businessman who owns brands like Top Shop as well as BHS.