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August Antony Alsina, an Afro- American by origin is a well- liked musician and songwriter born on September 3rd, 1992. Nicknamed as Aug or Yungin, he is well-known for his album "I love this shit" which was produced by 'Knucklehead' and released by Def Jam Recordings on February 13th,2013. He was born in New Orleans, the USA to parents who had a broken relationship.

August Alsina in His Childhood

August Alsina in His Early Career

August Alsina Performing at 2014 BET Awards

August Alsina Performing in Concert At Madison Square Garden

August Alsina Performing in a Concert at Detroit

August Alsina at BET Awards

August Alsina with Chris Brown and Tyrese at Hip-Hop Awards

August Alsina at Freshmen Live 2014 Los Angeles Show

August Alsina in 'The Lift Off' show

August Alsina Performing in New York

August Alsina and Tyga Taking A Selfie

August Alsina and Chris Brown Perofroming Together at The Staples Centre in LA

August Alsina, Jay z and Beyonce

August Alsina At Hospital

August Alsina At RadioStation

Kirko Bangz ft August Alsina Performing

August Alsina Bet Awards

August Alsina Party with Hennessy V.S. at Capitale in D.C.

August Alsina Mansion

August Alsina House

August Alsina Mother

August Alsina With Niece Kay Kay

August Alsina With Brother

August Alsina's Brother Melvin La'Branch III

August Alsina with His Nieces

August Alsina Ferrari 458

Range Rover

He is a living example of a self- made man because when he started his career, he had no clues that he is going to be a multimillionaire. He grew up witnessing what is hardship and the evil face of drugs as his father was given to using them. This bad habit eventually dragged him to death. His mother soon relocated to Texas from New Orleans to start a new chapter in her life.But it did not succor him because his mother deserted him soon after this.
The only mentor who taught him good and bad was his brother, Melvin Lee branch III, who was shot dead in the high streets of NewOrlans during 2010. This watershed event was a turning point in his life because it made him to recover from the loss and to get on with his life and make music a serious profession. He touched the summit of glory when he got award best new artist and Coca cola's new artist award during the year 2014.

But there was a slump in his life or his life gave him a fit of the blue devils when he went to coma and fell off stage. But his fans are excited to see him back to life in full vigor.