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August Alsina is a famous rap singer who mesmerized thousands of people across the globe with his melodious voice. But knowing more about him makes our heart plunge in sadness because he was not one who was born with a silver spoon. He had an unpleasant childhood witnessing his father die due to drug addiction and his mother tossed him out of his own house.

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But he is one who doesn't give up like that. He took the bad with the good and put up a fight with his own fate to reach No:1 position in the hip hop chart. He spent his childhood uploading his own videos in YouTube. The untimely death of his brother made him view life more seriously. He made up his mind to try his luck in music after this incident. He put his shoulders to the wheel which bore fruit very soon. Just like it takes two to tango,the beautiful cooperation of Luck and hard work showed him the dawn of success. He hit a home run in the album "I love this shit".