The first 2020 Democratic Primary Debate held in Miami, Florida saw two women successfully trouncing prominent leading men Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders with their progressive and aggressive ideas and demeanour. Elizabeth Warren in the first and Kamala Harris in the second debate were clear winners. Will these two women write history to become the first-ever woman President of the United States of America?

20 Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates took the stage on two consecutive nights to face questions from msnbc news anchors for Americans to judge, who will be the most favourite candidate to face Donald Trump. The much-hyped Biden was torn to pieces by Kamala Harris in the most fascinating manner, when the question on ‘race’ was thrown at the candidates. On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren showed great grit and gumption with her ‘I have a plan’ attitude to take on the arrogant and lying Republicans.

Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, Bill De Blasio, Jay Inslee and others did have their moments to impress the crowd in the first debate. However, they were simply not up to the great challenge by the three top candidates – Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro and Cory Booker, who stole the evening with their effective answers on various topics and displayed great gumption.

Similarly, in the second debate Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Eric Swalwell, Andrew Yang, Kirsten Gillibrand and others were not able to match Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg’s power-packed performance to take on the Republicans’ fake President in the 2020 Presidential Election. Biden has been much hyped by the corporate world and news agencies, because he supports the rich unlike Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg, who are running for the lower and middleclass Americans.

Johnny D picks the ‘Top 5’ Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates, who emerged winners from the two nights of Primary Debate. These ‘Top 5’ candidates have all the goods to emerge as winners to become the ultimate Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election.


The polls may show Cory Booker as one of the second tier candidates. However, just when the moment matters, he showed other candidates, why he is ready to take on Trump. Senator Cory Booker happens to be the only candidate, who still lives in a low-income black and brown community. He has certainly come a long way to reach successfully, where he belongs among the Democrats.

His response was effective, emotional and practical. He assured to make efficacious changes to tackle the immigration crisis. He enthused in Spanish, “The current situation is unacceptable. For the President to attack and demonize immigrants is unacceptable. I am going to change this. On Day One, I will make sure we end the ICE policies and the CBP policies that are violating human rights. When people are coming into this country they will not leave their human rights at the border.”


On gun violence and race relations, he shared his personal experience saying, “I see every single day that this economy is not working for average Americans. I hear gunshots in my neighborhood. I think I am the only one on this panel here, who had seven people shot in their neighborhood just last week. For millions of Americans this is not a policy issue, but urgency. And for those who have not been directly affected, they are tired of living in a country, where their kids have to go to school to learn about reading, writing and how to deal with an active shooter in their school.”


Cory Booker stands as No. 5 among the ‘Top 5’ candidates. How will he fare at the second Democratic Primary Debate, we will have to wait and watch. However, there is less chance of him to be the Democratic nominee for the party.


Julian Castro was hardly visible as the 2020 Presidential candidates, when new anchors talk about the topic. There are plenty of reasons for the media to have been biased against the Spanish-American. However, in the first Primary Debate, he showed great courage to take on Beto O’Rourke over repealing ‘Title 18 of Section 1325’, a part of U.S Code, that makes entering the country illegally a misdemeanor – turning illegal border crossing into a civil and not criminal issue.

Julian Castro stood out among other candidates, when he told Beto O’Rourke, “Do your homemwork.” He was the only candidate, who spoke about ‘Title 18 of Section 1325’. His plan will include calls for a rollback of apprehension at the U.S – Mexico border.


His emotions were real, when he addressed the problem of school shootings. He revealed, “I am the dad of a 10-year-old girl, Carina, who’s here tonight. And, the worst thing knowing that your child might be worried about what could happen at school, a place that’s supposed to be safe. Julian Castro believes he could accomplish “common sense gun reform” in 2021, if he is elected as the next President.

Julian Castro was effective, when it matters the most to steal the show from other fellow candidates and make a mark. His strong presence on the stage stood out, when he answered or took to his opponents. Julian Castro would make an interesting choice as the next Vice President. Julian Castro stands as the No. 4 candidate.


“I couldn’t get it done,” Pete Buttigieg admitted point blank about his failure by taking responsibility for the lack of diversity on the police force in South Bend, Indiana, when Eric Swalwell and Hickenlooper took on him. He displayed great leadership to show the whole world that he is human. Mayor Pete has come under fire after a white officer fatally shot a black man in his city. He ditched his Presidential campaign to attend the World famous Fish Fry event at South Carolina and instead went to face angry crowd of South Bend to pacify them.

The Harvard educated, war veteran first gay Presidential candidate has it all to take on Trump at the next Presidential election. He has been climbing various polls consistently as one of the favourites top-tier to win the party nomination. Buttigieg is sharp, focused, thoughtful, earnest, honest and much-more seasoned as a leader among the two dozen candidates. His knowledge allows him to speak on faith and values with equal ease and command. He cares a damn about the present illegitimate President.


It was interesting to see Buttigieg’s strong presence and demeanour crushing top-tier candidates Biden and Sanders alike. He is the only millennial candidate in the race. Americans surely need this highly educated President to lead the nation towards a better future. Buttigieg stated the hypocrisy of the Republicans for wearing the cloak of Christianity, while their administration is dividing the families at the border.

Pete Buttigieg would make an excellent President come 2020. He is the No. 3 among the Democratic Presidential candidates.


The Republicans are too scared to face this diminutive figure from California. Trump is very afraid whenever Kamala Harris takes on his aide. American born Jamaican-Indian Kamala Harris powerful stature has made her the most effective Senator in American politics. She holds a powerful spot in the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Select Committee on Intelligence. The prosecutor and former Attorney General of California has always proven to be a powerhouse, whether it came to grill Barr or Kavanaugh.

Kamala Harris comes across as poised, poignant and confident as a strong and commanding leader. Her strong presence was evident during the second day of the Primary Debate, when he intervened in a commanding manner saying, “Guys, America doesn't want a food fight. They want to know how we can put food on their table.” Even Biden applauded Harris for her show of strength. Little did Biden knew, that he would be her next target.


Kamala Harris believes in carpe diem and she does it with great gusto and gumption. She was sharp and made great impact at the second Primary Debate. She also shared her personal sufferings to trounce Biden and stole the evening from everyone. She vociferously condemned Trump’s tax cuts benefitting the rich. She pointed out how Trump repeatedly brags about the economy, even though the metric he often uses – the stock market, doesn't apply to many Americans. She revealed, “He talks about the stock market. Well, that's fine if you own stocks. So many families in America do not.”

Kamala Harris shattered Joe Biden for complimenting and siding with segregationist Republican Senators during his past tenure and the issue of busing. Biden tried to answer her, but Harris tore him apart in the most fascinating and powerful performance. Biden could only shake his head in total disbelief. It was Harris carpe diem.


Kamala Harris displayed for the whole of America to realize that she has all the goods to dethrone the liar President. The first round may have been won by Kamala Harris hands down. However, Biden and others may attack her about her past as a prosecutor in the upcoming debates. This may dent Kamala Harris a little. However, it will be interesting to see, how she would take on the upcoming challenge. This is one of the main reasons, why Kamala Harris stands as the No. 2 in the race.


Elizabeth Warren stood out as the No. 1 candidate for being the best among the whole lot. She is like the most brilliant student in the class, who seems to know answers of everything the teachers ask. The ‘I have a plan’ attitude of Warren has become infectious among Democratic voters. Her progressive approach to tackle various problems has made her very popular. She is our No. 1 candidate, who would make a great President of the United States of America.


Elizabeth Warren emphasized, “There are a lot of politicians who say it’s not just possible, we can’t do it. They are really telling you they won’t fight for it. Health care is a basic human right and I will fight for basic human rights.” She received thunderous applause from the crowd. Her progressive plans to decriminalize illegal border crossings entirely, taking on Mitch McConnell, ‘Medicare for all’ and her energy on the campaign or on stage makes her the first choice as the Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election.


Elizabeth Warren was the most effective during the first Primary Debate to emerge the ultimate winner. Will she write history to become the first American woman to become the President of the United States? Wait and watch…