Richest Chefs

Richest Chefs

Richest Chefs

Cooking can be a hobby for many people. But some people take this hobby seriously and make it a profession. No doubt cooking can also help you earn a lump sum amounts.

Here is a good example of people who turned their interest into a full time profession and made it large in the food industry.

1. Jamie Oliver - $356 million

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver comes from a family that owned a restaurant and a pub. Luckily he practiced his culinary skills in the kitchen of his parent’s restaurant. Olive became famous when he was invited to prepare lunch for then Prime Minister Tony Blair. He now owns a chain of 35 restaurants called Jamie’s Italian.

2. Rachael Ray - $50 million

rachael ray

Rachael Ray along with being a celebrity cook also is an author. She taught a course in which she showed how to make meals in less than thirty minute. Ray qualifies in simplifying cooking by her 30 minutes meals. She now hosts her own cooking show on cooking channel.

3. Gordon Ramsay - $47 million

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay owns a number of restaurants. Ramsay wanted to be a football player but his injuries during a match doomed his football career. By the age of 19 Ramsay started to love cooking and improve his culinary skills. His restaurant “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” was even awarded as the top restaurant in U.K.

4. Wolfgang Puck - $20 million

wolfgang puck

Wolfgang Puck interest in cooking started when his mother used to work as a pastry chef. His company Wolfgang Puck Group owns up to 20 fine dining restaurants. He has appeared on many television shows. 

5. Joel Robuchon - $12.4 million

joel robuchon

Joël Robuchon is titled to be the “Chef of the century.” He owns a number of restaurants all across the globe. He is well known for the perfection of the taste that his delicacy carries.

6. Alain Ducasse - $12.2 million

alain ducasse

7. Paula Deen - $12 million

paula deen

8. Emeril Lagasse - $11.8 million

emeril lagasse

9. Todd English - $10.2 million

todd english