SAP SESuccessStory

SAP SE SuccessStory


For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. SAP is the largest multinational software company that is responsible for making the enterprise software to manage all the operations in business and the relations with the customers. The company is headquartered in Walldrof, Germany. The company has its regional offices all over the globe.

Some of the best softwares of this company are enterprise resource planning application systems and management (SAP ERP), SAP business objects software and SAP business warehouse (SAP BW).

sap founders

The journey of SAP dates back to 1972 when five engineers from IBM decided to create a company called System Analysis and Program Development (SAP). The first client of this company was the German branch of Imperial Chemical Industries. They used to develop the payroll and accounting programs instead of using punch cards.

sap products

The first commercial product of SAP was SAP R/98. The product used the centralized data storage and this improved the maintenance of the data. In 1976, SAP moved its headquarters to Walldorf, Germany. SAP is officially known as SAP AG. Then after 3 years with the launch of SAP R/2, it expanded its capabilities to many other areas as well. And this brought the concept of centralized database at a single location. In 1992, SAP came with SAP R/3.

sap r3

After years of success in the field of enterprise systems, SAP lost a $1.3 billion lawsuit in intellectual property. The penalty was the largest software piracy judgment.

sap ceo bill mcdermott

Recent reports stated that SAP is the biggest software provider in the world. The operations of the company span over four different regions. 25 industries are handled by SAP. Most of the SAP’s products focus on ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning. This is the company’s main product. It is a part of the SAP business suite as well.

sap crm

There are many other product offerings from SAP to the enterprise market like the Net weaver Platform, Performance Management Software, etc. most of the Fortune 500 companies use the original products by SAP. The CRM solution of SAP has around eight million user count.


SAP Business ByDesign is a new product from SAP. It provides fully integrated ERP software. SAP has partnered with a number of brands over the globe. SAP mostly focuses on medium and small sized companies for their ERP solutions.

sap scn

SAP also manages a community network called SCN, the SAP Community Network. It is a community of SAP partners, all the employees, developers, integrators, etc. There are different functional units of SAP.

sap ceo

All the units are spread over various field activities, R & D needs and the great customer support. The product is developed in the SAP labs that are highly maintained labs. Active Global Support is the support provided to the SAP customers all over the world. SAP is a standing example of innovation coupled with vision.

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