Famous Football Players

A Football player is a sportsperson who is involved in the team game of football. Football is a game of conquering the ball from the opponent, dribbling it through the field and then finally shoot into opponent’s goalpost, that’s when a team scores against another team. The game is extremely fast with huge amount of excitement that continues for 90 minutes duration. Football player plays at different positions depending on his skill set, he can either be a defender, striker, forward or goalkeeper.Here are some of the top Football Players across the globe who have contributed their bit to the world of sports :

As per the positions – football player should possess the skill of defense, attack through dribbling, tackling & passing the ball to their team mates. Since it’s a game of co-ordination, the players should be in sync with each other. Mutual understanding among players is the key to the success of the team. Captain of the team should possess the leadership quality to lead and control 10 member under him. He should be tactical & strategic in his approach. Besides being skillful one should be physical strong, as this is the game of power & strength.

Footballers are highly paid sportsperson & they have a huge fan following, hence they are very image conscious. Many top rated Football players endorse several brands to gain interests of their fan followers.