Marcos Mion Story

Marcos Mion Story

Marcos Mion Chaib

Marcos Mion Chaib is an established Brazilian Television Host, Presenter, Actor and an Entrepreneur. He has presented Television shows like, Supernova, Piores Clipes do Mundo (Worst Clips Of the World), Descontrole, Covernation and Bicho do Mato; and has also starred in the movie, A Summer Show, where he plays a hairdresser.

Apart from this, he has also guest starred in music videos like, The Mirage, by Jay Vaquer, My blood boils For You, by Patricia Coelho. Marcos has also directed some music videos like, Cinderella, by the rapper, C4bal and Without Leaving The Place, by the band Allies 13, along with Mauricio Eça.


Marcos Mion was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 20, 1979.

Early career

He began his career in television as an actor with the television series Sandy and Junior in 1999. He then moved to MTV as a presenter for Supernova and Piores Clipes do Mundo (Worst Clips of the World).

Career highlights

marcos mion career highlights

Owing to the success of Worst Clips of the World, he went on to present Descontrole, a comedy show on the Brazilian television, which involved Improv. He then returned to MTV to present Covernation. Later, in 2008, he presented a program called Fifth Category alongside Caze Peçanha.


marcos mion reputation

Mion has won several awards consistently as the Best Presenter on Brazilian Television. He has also been voted as The Sexiest Actor Alive by Glamour magazine’s November 2015 issue.

Personal life

marcos mion personal life

He is married to designer Susanna Gullo and they have three children Romeo, Donatella and Stefano.



Sexiest Actor Alive by Glamour magazine’s

Marcos Mion Chaib Interview With Joe Jackson

Full Name :
Marcos Mion Chaib
Born :
20th-Jun -1979
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Sao Paulo
Education :
University of Sao Paolo,
Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paolo
Occupation :
Actor , Entrepreneur
Industry :
Networth :
$ 185 million

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