Jiang Bin Story - A Journey From Technical Manager to Billionaire

Jiang Bin Story - A Journey From Technical Manager to Billionaire

Jiang Bin

The co-founder of GoerTek, which is known to be one of the best acoustic components company is run by the Chinese billionaire Jiang Bin. "Focus" is his keyword and has been obsessed with this for the last two decades. with his dream to make GoerTek the best small microphone manufacturer in the world, Bin believes is one of the most passionate and inspiring name in the field of electro-acoustic sector.

Childhood and career growth

Bin was born in 1965 and attained his Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He completed his master of Business Administration from the Tsinghua University.

jiang bin early career

Bin's technical skill was the biggest advantage and with his extensive knowledge from his previous works (where he worked as a technical manager in a Japanese joint venture) helped him develop the startup. With the support from his wife in the field of operations and marketing, Bin also involved his younger brother to take care of the international market and sales.

Although the company faced much slashes during the global financial crisis condition, Bin didn’t change his strategy and it was in 2008 when GoerTek was acclaimed publicly. He became the richest man in his home town, Weifang.

A snapshot of success


With an estimated net property of $4.4 billion, Jiang Bin is ranked as the 34th richest person of China and as the 670th richest businessman in international ranking.

GoerTek is his pioneer company which trades on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and is popularly known to manufacture the acoustic components with the leading clients like Sony, Samsung, Lenovo etc. January to September 2012 saw a sharp increase in the net profit of the company and rose to as high as $723 million from $93 million, which is almost a 33% increase.

jian bin success

Since July 27, 2007, Bin has served as the GoerTek Inc. in the position of Chairman while his wife Hu Shuangmei serves as the deputy manager for the company. The vice chairman of the company is the brother of Mr.Bin, Jiang Long. Sony, Samsung, Lenovo etc. are the strong contenders for the GoerTek, which in spite of the strong competition could make up its own way. Travice of South Korea has been the new manufacturing joint venture where the company invested $3.2 million and about 80% of the stake of its share will be soon be opened in Vietnam. Qingdao is the new proposed site of the company.

Bin is also the Chairman as well as the General Manager of a Weifang-based company. He holds yet another position as an Executive Director in as many as four companies in Weifang.

The other side of Mr.Bin


Apart from being focussed about the new developments and inventions in the field of technology, Bin has also a great deal of knack in managing the social responsibilities.

He thus founded a charitable foundation under GoerTek in 2012 which is dedicated in aiding people during any sort of disaster. He also has a team of volunteers who are motivated to take part in the various volunteer activities organised by Gaoxing and Weifang district’s municipalities.

Full Name :
Jiang Bin
Born :
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Education :
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
Tsinghua University
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$4.4 billion

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