Famous People Born in 1988

In Chinese astrological system, 1988 is seen as the year of the dragon, the most vibrant and strongest animal in the zodiac. All those whose birth year is 1988 are seen to have amazing qualities similar to those in this animal. Like the dragon, these people are full of high ambition, courage and intelligence. Here are some famous people born in the year 1988:

They are courageous, confident and take things with great enthusiasm. Risks and challenges excite them rather than cause them to be nervous. At the same time, they can be very dominating, sharp tongued and quick tempered, making them an unusual mix of positive and negative traits.

People born in 1988 are hard working and put in their best efforts in every task they take up. They are rather aggressive and are keen on trying things that are unconventional rather than taking the beaten path. This is something which subjects them to stress at times, but in general they enjoy a healthy and fit disposition. The best suited careers for these people are the ones which challenge them, like those of inventors, engineers, managers, computer analysts, brokers, lawyers, journalists and teachers.

Arrogance is a negative quality the people born in 1988 have in them and this is the reason why they cannot take criticism in a positive sense. When it comes to building relationships, they would not settle for anyone less than ideal and would rather not commit till they find the perfect fit. And once they do it, the commitment is sure to last for a lifetime.