Famous People Born in 1954

In Chinese astrology, the birth year is considered as an important factor while studying the personality and behavior of a person. The year 1954 is regarded as the year of the horse and people born in this year are defined accordingly. Like the horse, people born in this year come across as vivacious and active individuals. They bask attention and love to be a part of crowd-events like parties, sports meets and concerts. Their excellent sense of humor and ability to entertain makes them the center of attention.Optimism and a positive attitude is another plus point in the personality of people born in the year 1954.Here are some famous people born in the year 1954:

They also enjoy good health, though they have the tendency to come under pressure because of their responsibilities. For the people with horse personalities, the career choice should be based on the exposure to social interaction. Being a born extrovert, such a person excels a career which makes him interact with a large number of people, such as those in the fields of journalism, sales, language instruction, tourism and performing arts.

On the relationships front, the people whose birth year is 1954 are easy to be friends with as they are pleasant, easy going and good at putting others at ease. Their quick wits enable them to guess what is on the mind of others, something which makes them great companions and lovers. At the same time, they can be self-centered at time.