Famous People Born in 1941

The personality and behavior of a person is influenced to a considerable extent, by the date and time of his birth and the birth year holds a place of vital importance in this context. Astrology establishes the evidence that all people born in the same year share some common personality traits. People who are born in the year 1941 are said to bear the attributes of a snake as this year is regarded as the year of snake in Chinese astrology. Like the snake, these people seem superficially placid, but they are governed by deep emotions and thoughts.Here are some famous people born in the year 1941:

They are quiet in their behavior and would rather have their actions speak for them and claim the attention they deserve for all they accomplish with their efforts. At the core of their hearts, the people born in this year are sympathetic and would never give up on helping those in need. They listen to their own hearts and intuition, when it comes to making major decisions in their lives. Such people would never rely on the advice of others in these circumstances.

On the relationships front, people born in the year 1941 are regarded as being good at seducing others and would be slow to let people get close to them, though once done, they stay with them for a lifetime. At the same time, they can be extremely jealous and tend to be aggressive and are quick to retaliate if rejected or betrayed.