Famous People From Sweden

Sweden is a country that is located in Northern Europe. The country has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and the expat population will be proud of that fact. In fact, it is a country with lowest birth rates in the world. The primary language spoken in this country is Swedish. The main religion of the country is Christianity with 1 % of the population as Roman Catholics. Sweden is blessed with a coastline and is the perfect place for water-related sports and activities. There is the unlimited scope for anadventure near the lakes. Apart from this country, there are numerous golf courses in the country.

There are many people known in the field of science, technology, music and sports belong to this country. Alfred Nobel, the founder of world famous Nobel Prize belong to this country. He was an engineer and inventor of Dynamite. He was also a known chemist and manufacturer of armaments.

The driving rules are pretty strict and it is mandatory for one to wear seat belts and the Headlights should be switched on at all times. Snowfall is common between the months of December to March and driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden. When you exceed the speed limit, strict penalties are also imposed. The public transport of the country is pretty good with railways and roadways. When you need to plan a journey by these two modes suitable connections are available. The airport facilities are also good with the country offering international flights to the rest of the world.

The health system of Sweden can be compared to the best in the world and education is compulsory between the ages of 7 to 16 years with a further three years in upper secondary school.