Richest People in Argentina

Richest People in Argentina

Richest People in Argentina

A Latin American country with the 3rd largest economy, Argentina, is abundant with natural wealth and resources. It is marked with a differentiated industrial base. Argentina is an agricultural sector concerned and slanted towards export. However, the nation's economy, due to severe recessions has not been quite vibrant.

It suffers a misdistribution of income, inequality, resources in the hands of a few and consequently, poverty. In the face of this, there still are many billionaires in this State. We have compiled a list of the richest people in Argentina. 

1.Carlos and Alejandro Bulgheroni - $5.3 Billion

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Winning the first spot here, we have Carlos and Alejandro Bulgheroni, who are brothers. They regulate Argentina's chief reserved energy company, called the Bridas Corporation. With an estimated worth of $5.3 Billion, the brothers stand tall on the first rank. 

2. Eduardo Eurnekian - $1.9 Billion


Eduardo Eurnekian has successfully reserved the second spot for himself, on this list of the richest people in Argentina. He is the lad of Armenian migrants. In the year 1990, he divested $750 million media holdings, as Capitalism entered Argentina. 

3. Gregorio Perez Companc - $1.55 Billion


At the third spot here we have, Gregorio Perez Companc, who discharged his duties of handling his companies in 2009. His biggest step was to sell the energy business called Pecom. The net estimate of Gregorio’s assets is $1.55 Billion. 

4. Maria Ines de Lafuente Lacroze, $1.3 Billion


At number 4, we have, Maria Ines de Lafuente Lacroze. She inherited her riches and wealth from her late mother. Hailed as "the Cement Lady” she managed and controlled cement producing enterprise, Loma Negrafor a quarter of a decade.

5. Alberto Roemmers, $1.1 Billion

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6. Ernestina Herrera de Noble - $0.8 Billion 


This list about the richest and most affluent people in Argentina does not drop any hint about the poverty and inequality in the country. There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor and it is continually widening.