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One of the biggest names in cloth making industry is Philips-Van Heusen (PVH) Corp. This American firm has a worldwide network of manufacturing units and outlets. PVH has been a driving force in the world of fashion and designs styles for more than a century. The company has its headquarters at Manhattan, USA. Many big brands of the industry, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Arrow, and Tommy Hilfiger are owned by PVH.


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PVH operates mainly in apparel designs, manufactures, and markets. Branded shirts, sportswear, and swimsuits, jeans apparels are designed and marketed by the company. They also market foot wares, handbags and other in a lesser volume.

Other than the above-specified brands, PVH also licenses some brands; MICHAEL Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole New York, Geoffrey Beene are some. Other than in North America, PVH operates in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. The company also aims to establish markets in underdeveloped countries, which may fuel the additional expansion of the company.


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It will be surprising to note that, the inception of PVH was from a pair of couples, Moses Phillips and his wife Endel, who sewed shirts for the local coal miners at Pennsylvania in 1881. The greatest success of the company comes in 1919 when they acquired the patent of a collar, which was soft and could be folded. In 1950, PVH marketed its Van Heusen shirts with the faces of celebrities like Mickey Rooney, Ronald Reagan, and Charlton Heston.

PVH brought into market Geoffrey Beene shirts in 1982 and till date, it is the favorite brand of Americans among dress shirts. In the coming years, PVH acquired IZOD and G.H. Bass & Co. It was in 2003, the company brought Calvin Klein. Meanwhile, the company was able to purchase worldwide rights of Van Heusen and Arrow brands.

Superba, Inc, a leading neckwear company was also acquired by PVH. The acquiring of Tommy Hilfiger comes in 2010. The company also invested in the marketing and infrastructure development for Van Heusen, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger in different markets around the globe including New Zealand, Australia, India, China and Brazil in these years.

Unique Features

PVH is ranked fourth by Fortune magazine, in Apparel Industry. WGSN, a trend forecasting house, has put Tommy Hilfiger as the top 5 Luxury Campaigns of this year and the brand also won the CLIO image award for best design. PVH comes 351, in America’s top 500 corporations. In 2014, both Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger were ranked #8 and #9 on the fashion segment of Digital IQ Index.

Social Work

PVH gives great importance to human rights and values. They look into creating a warm and graceful impact upon those related to them. The company also develops and operates in such way to prevent environmental mistreatment. Also, the company supports many philanthropic activities. It has donated $13 million in 2014. It has a special care for women and children.


The second rank of PVH in Human Rights category, itself manifests company’s attitude towards its workforce. PVH is an established name in the clothing industry and privileged name among brands. Being a multinational corporation, the company never compromise in its quality of products. The company prospers with its cordial relationships with its employees and customers.

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