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Alexa Internet SuccessStory

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Alexa Internet is a California-based organization that offers commercial online traffic data and analytics. It was founded in the year 1996 as an independent company but in 1999 it was acquired by Amazon and since then Alexa Internet is a completely owned subsidiary of American online entrepreneurs, Bruce Gilliat, and Brewster Kahle are the brains behind this company.


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In the initial days of the company a toolbar gave suggestions to the web users where to visit next based on the online browsing history. The data stored are evaluated and analyzed and thereby forming the web traffic reporting. According to the current reports, Alexa Internet is responsible for offering global ranking, traffic data, and other related information on around 30 million websites and presently the company website is also visited by more than 6.5 million individuals on a monthly basis.


Web-crawling facilities and a broad search index program were introduced in 2005 to the third party programs via an extensive set of APIs and web services. A major website redesign was introduced in 2009 that allowed the new web traffic metrics like bounce rate, user time on the site, average page views by individual users, visitor demographics, search traffic statistics, clickstream etc.

Since its inception in 1996 Alexa Internet has grown and developed at a phenomenal rate. It was in the year 2008 when an updated version of the ranking system was launched. The company claimed that it can include more sources of data “beyond Alexa Toolbar users”.

Unique features


The best part about Alexa Internet is that it can be used as a competitive intelligence tool. By simply entering the site of the competitor the results of the marketing efforts of the competitors can be accessed. This toolbar is also helpful for the webmasters and the advertisers as a true marketing potential of a web page can be judged and accessed. Unlike the Google’s PageRank, the lower the rank of the website the better it is.

Social work

Like other globally recognized organizations, Alexa Internet also adheres to the rules and regulations set by the international standards. The work environment is safe and secure and the company doesn’t support child labor and slavery. There are laws and regulations that have been designed to protect the interests of the employees. The nature of the work is not hazardous and doesn’t pose any threat to the people working.


Alexa Internet is functioning in the market since 1996 and it is close to complete its 20th anniversary very soon. For the last so many years the company has been helping millions of websites to analyze and evaluate the traffic flow based on the browsing history and other personal preferences. Presently, Alexa Internet is functioning completely as an analytics-centered company.

The hard work and effort that is put forward by the team of professionals is indeed noteworthy. It is the dedication and the passion of the professional team members that Alexa Internet has reached such heights of success and popularity.

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