AMC TheatersSuccessStory

AMC Theaters SuccessStory

AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters, also known as AMC Cinemas, or just AMC, is an American chain of movie theaters, the owner and operator of which is AMC Entertainment Inc., which is further owned and governed by AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. Founded in 1920, AMC is the second biggest share holder of American market after Regal Entertainment Group, leaving behind Cinemark Theaters. AMC Theaters operates 346 locations, most of which are located in North America alone. The brand has 86 locations in China as well, and is headquartered in Leawood, Kansas.

Founding of AMC Theaters

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AMC Theaters was established by Dubinsky Brothers, Maurice, Barney and Edward, in 1920, who used to travel to the Midwest to perform melodramas with Jeanne Eagels. They bought Regent Theater in Kansas City, and named it Durwood Theaters. In 1961, Edward’s son, Stanley, came back from his army service, and took control of his family business. He quickly changed its name to AMC (American Multi-Cinema Inc.), and started converting large single screen theaters into small buildings with several auditoriums, with a view to give more choices to the viewers. With this, the world’s first multiplex cinema was established. Since then, innovations applied by AMC are revolutionizing the cinema industry, and it has become the 2nd biggest chain of movie theaters in the country.

Innovativeness of AMC Theaters

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AMC Theaters has always made innovations in their theaters with the comfort of guests as a top priority in their mind. They are the ones who launched stadium seating in theaters, along with cup holders in the arm of the chairs, adjustable armrests, reward programs for the guests etc. They also provide various options like AMC Dine-In Theaters, MacGuffins bars, and Cinema Suites, where guests can order alcoholic beverages and full meals while watching their movie. Some seats in their theaters have a button too, which the guest can press to call the waiter.

AMC Rewards for the guests

In order to attract viewers and reward their loyalty towards AMC Theaters, the company offers a number of reward programs, vouchers and passes to their regular customers. For instance, the Gold and Silver passes offered by the company can be redeemed for purchasing movie tickets at AMC. The company also follows a Rated R policy, under which no one below 17 years of age is allowed to enter the theater for an R-Rated movie without a parent or guardian.

During 2012, Wanda Group based in Beijing acquired AMC for $2.6 billion. With this acquisition, the company purchased 5048 screens across 347 theaters of AMC in the US and Canada, and became the biggest chain of cinemas in the world. Soon, Wang Jianlin, the CEO of Wanda, announced that they are going to spend $500 million on the renovation of all AMC Theaters. The company is still reaching millions of customers via platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and through their own website over the Internet.

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