Famous People with Zodiac Sign Virgo

The zodiac sign, under which a person is born, greatly influences his personality and character attributes. People born between 23rd August and 22nd September come under the zodiac sign Virgo, which happens to be the sixth sign and the perfectionist amongst the planetary signs. Typically, Virgo people are bound to achieve goals they set their eyes on and are willing to put in any amount of effort for the same. Organization and detailing is the key for them and they are always meticulous in every small and single thing they do.Amongst the many famous people born under this zodiac sign, here are a few of them:

People born under this zodiac sign are blessed with abundant positive traits, such as intelligence, wit, sensibility, patience and self discipline. These people are greatly dependable because they have a sense of responsibility in whatever they do. They have a realistic and practical approach and are down-to-earth in nature. Their character is balanced and loyalty and adaptability are the traits which make them strive for perfection.

Virgo people may seem calm and subtle on the top, but they have a mind which is constantly at work. This makes them restless at times, and they seem to lack relaxation. This makes them less inclined towards activities involving leisure and they are often frugal with their money. When it comes to relationships, these people seem to be alluring because of a subdued and subtle attitude. On the other hand, their love for perfectionism can make them overly critical, fussy and materialistic.