Sara Carbonero Succcess Story

Sara Carbonero Succcess Story

Sara Carbonero Arévalo


The mention of sports journalists conjures up a typical image of professionals running after athletes with a microphone in hand and a bag by side. However, there are some exceptional and talented sports journalists who also have the prowess to make headlines like the athletes they interview! Sara Carbonero is one such exceptional journalist who is also famous for her personality and beauty.

The Spanish TV presenter did not have it smooth throughout her career, as it looks. A rocking allegation that hogged headlines during the FIFA World Cup in 2010 involving her and her partner Iker Casillas, the famous Spanish goalkeeper, sensationalized their private lives. However, this did not deter her from pursuing her career. While on one hand the papparazi hounded her, on the other she left no stone unturned to make it right to the top.

Early Life

Sara Carbonero grabbed attention of her classmates even in her student days and her resemblance to Angelina Jolie earned her the nickname ‘Tomb Raider’. She enrolled for a course in journalism at Madrid’s Universidad Computense after completing general schooling.

However, fate had something different and better in store for Carbonero. When she was yet to complete the course, she got an offer to intern for Radio Marca, a sports radio station. Initially, she covered various musical contents along with sports. Even though she was young, Carbonero learnt the tricks of the trade pretty fast.


After working for a brief period in Cadena Ser, the oldest sports radio station in Spain, she joined La Sexta. Sara gained attention while covering Eurobasket in 2007. Her style of presentation soon began to help her get several assignments.

Joined Telecinco as a Sports Reporter in 2009

It was in April 2009, when the real big shift happened in her career of sports journalism. She joined Telecinco as a sports reporter. It was during this time Sara Carbonero grew close to Iker Casillas.

During the FIFA 2010 World cup that took place in South Africa, Carbonero was accused of distracting her boyfriend and Spain’s goalkeeper Casillas, leading to Spain’s defeat by Switzerland. The accusations made mostly by English press were firmly refuted by Spanish newspapers and media agencies.

Personal Life

Sara also interviewed her boyfriend post the match which also contributed to the rumor circles. While the controversy raised eyebrows, it also got Carbonero global attention. Spain however won the world cup in 2010, the rumors notwithstanding.

Sara Carbonero with her Family

Fortunately, the rumors and allegation did not affect either Carbonero or Casillas. They continue to be together and early this year, she gave birth to their first offspring, Martin. Carbonero is pretty keen on pursuing her successful career after the childbirth. She covered the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


The personality and beauty of Sara Carbonero have not gone unnoticed. FHM named her the "Sexiest Sports Reporter in the World" in 2009. She is often considered as one of the most glamorous sports reporters on a global scale.

Named Sexiest Sports Reporter in the World in 2009

This young lady is an idol to many youngsters in Spain, who hope to follow her footsteps and become successful one day.


Television, Gold Antenna
Sexiest Sports Reporter in the World by FHM
Full Name :
Sara Carbonero Arévalo
Born :
3rd-Feb -1984
Birth Place :
Corral de Almaguer
Education :
Complutense University of Madrid
Occupation :
Television Personality
Industry :
Networth :
$10 Million

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