Famous People Born in 1984

Astrology is a science which studies human personalities and behavior with regard to their date of birth. Chinese astrology pays attention to the year of birth as it associates each year with an animal. The personality of the people born in that year is similar to that of the animal. Here are some famous people born in the year 1984:

The year 1984 is the year of the rat and the people born in this year are hard working and industrious like this tiny, little animal. They set their eyes on a goal and keep themselves busy in the pursuit of this goal. At the same time, they aim at perfection, which sometimes makes it tough to work with them. They make sure that each and every little aspect of what they do is covered well.

Loyalty and honesty form an integral part of their personality and this is the reason why they make very good friends. They never betray the confidence of those who are dear to them. In fact, these people ensure that they provide well for their families and also get financial success in life. Good organizational skills and high energy levels make them successful at work and help them achieve their goals. These people do well in politics and business as they are adept at making the best of opportunities they get.

On the other hand, there are some negative traits in people born in 1984. They are restless and chatty and tend to indulge in juicy gossips. This can make them the center of attraction in social gatherings. They can also be opportunists and get advantages from others.